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For all the birthday wishes! :heart: :heart:


Adorkable Nerds by MoodyPugAdelphi by raygirlIt's the Birthday Bunny by Blossom-fur7

I've already gushed on like... other sites BUT THESE NEED TO GO HERE, TOO. :heart: :heart: :heart:
1. -taken-
2. -taken-

$18 USD each
In color
similar style to this:

Adelphi by delSHARK

I'll draw people, monsters, anthros, etc.
Drop me a message if you're interested!

(headshots only, being from the neck up)
Thank you so much :icondrzime: for the daily deviation! ;~; This really means a lot to me...

Where Is My Mind? by delSHARK
I've been in such a love/hate relationship with my work these past few years (mostly hate tbh); this is still one of my fave pieces, to have it featured is such an honor. :heart: :heart:
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:star: :star: :star: :star:
I've had to refund all the commissions I've received. I'm very sorry, but the sheer number became overwhelming and I am unable to work quickly at this time.

If you haven't received a refund yet, send me a note and I'll look into it! (I'm pretty sure I got them all, though..)

Thanks so much for your kindness, and I'm sorry I couldn't complete your requests.


:bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: Commissions are closedI can’t take anymore headshots or I may lose track of the ones I have to do. Thank you so much for purchasing, and an even BIGGER thank you to those who donated more than I asked, or donated without incentive. This means so much to me.

If you would still like to donate, please do! I’m giving 100% of funds to local relief efforts in Northern California.

To those who purchased, please allow up to a month for your commission to be complete. I have dozens of these to finish and I’m not a machine (unfortunately). Thanks again, everyone!

I’m offering quick headshot sketches of any character of your choice, $5 a piece. 100% of funds earned will be donated to disaster relief efforts in Northern California, to the victims who lost their homes and more.

Send me an email at, or drop me a message here, if you’re interested. If you would like to donate more, that would be amazing, but $5 is all I’m asking for a quick headshot; examples below:

Sketchexmpl by delSHARK

I will draw anthros, monsters, humans, etc. If you would like to donate without purchase, you may do so via paypal-

Please signal boost!

:bulletblue: PS: I would like to clarify: you are not getting a masterpiece, the samples above are of the quality I will be producing. I’ve received dozens of commissions and will not have the time to spend detailing each and every one. Hence “QUICK” headshot sketches.

I feel extremely disconnected with dA, so I'm going to be absent here for quite a while. I likely won't be too active on Tumblr, either, as I feel the same about that site as I do this one.

I may still post work on my Instagram account, which you can find here, if you're interested.
I remembered I had a really fuckin 'old Fur Affinity account, so I logged in and posted some garbage up there. I don't draw porn or anything (sorry?), but I do draw anthros and animal-like... things!

There's also a small pile of embarrassing old art that I don't have the heart to delete. It's so bad, but it's hilarious. Especially the sheep with the giant tits and horrible anatomy. idk why I drew that, but it's there.

my FA account

Enjoy, maybe????
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Anyone play?

Anyone play competitive??

Anyone play competitive and know how to hold a team together???

I keep getting the worst teams, it's a nightmare save me. :'>

Oh yeah, I play on PC. Also this is not an April Fools prank, it would be a very stupid one if it were. c:
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One of the many joys of starting your own company, is that of using your personal funding to pay employees. SO, I'm offering some relatively cheap commissions so we can buy groceries. :')

Go Away by delSHARK
:bulletblue: Flat Color Commissions

Full Body: $70 per character

Half Body: $45 per character

Headshot: $25 per character

:bulletblue: Prices may be slightly less or more, depending on character complexity. I'll give you a quote when you send me reference material~

I only accept PayPal at this time. Drop me a note if you're interested!

(I am still open for other types of commissions, just send a note and ask)
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:bulletblue: Thanks, guys!~ :bulletblue:

Colored headshot commissions: $10 - $25 per character (depending on complexity, price usually $35 per)
Example would cost $20, for reference

Paypal ONLY please
Send me a note if you're interested!


(You may also inquire about other commission types, which will be full price)
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Thanks for all the birthday wishes, much appreciated. :heart:

Here's a cute thing :iconmoodypug: drew for me aaaa

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Other places to find me/my artwork:


Doodles, artwork, and the occasional photo or video


BarrioShark- some words and pics, but I tend to forget Twitter exists


Stardrunk- Main blog, mostly reblogs

Stardrunkart- Art and doodle blog, fanart and original characters

Drunk-Shadow- Ask Drunk Shadow

Eyedreams- Visual inspiration


sometimes I stream games or artwork

If you'd like my and/or steam ID, drop me a note! I'll be more than happy to add you to my buddy lists.
Got any art sites to recommend?

It's become a bit dead over here and on Tumblr (on my end, anyway), so I was looking to see if any other art communities are more active. c:

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Taking a couple quick and easy commissions, for anyone who's interested!

Had a couple bites on the last slot, but no solid takers. I'll be closing this spot in a few days due to time constraints, so if you're interested, now's the time.

Thanks, guys!

Full-body, full color, $85 - $100 per character
Price possibly negotiable, depending on character simplicity
Paypal ONLY

If you prefer a headshot, those are only $35

Drop me a note if you're interested. :heart:


1) -reserved-
2) -reserved-
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Come watch me fumble over inking and coloring while dorky ska music plays in the background.

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Anyone who follows my Instagram may already know that I'm working on Bomb the Town. And I've already sketched the entire first chapter. And I've begun inking it.

I refuse to quit this time. This shit is getting done.

If you'd like to follow my Instagram, you can find me here:

(I'd make a nicer link, but I'm on my phone atm oops)

Kidney stone still hasn't passed, but it's not causing as much pain. Clearly it's just having trouble letting go. Thanks for all the well wishes and suggestions, much appreciated. <3
Just got back from spending 5 hours in the emergency trauma center. Apparently I have a kidney stone. Boy oh boy, this puts every other pain I've ever had to shame. Threw up a few times while I was there. Hopefully this thing passes soon, I don't like to feel like I'm dying. No fun.
I had no idea what to title this entry. Just wanted to stop in and say HI I'm not dead, and to the couple commissioners I still owe art, your patience is a blessing.

Been a lot of ups and downs these past few months, but that's life. I finally caved and made an Instagram account, if you wanna get slightly more personal, feel free to follow me there under the name "delshark".

There are many things I want to start working towards this year, so hopefully that'll mean more frequent art posts here and on my tumblr. Which reminds me, I changed the names of both. Stardrunk is my username on dA and tumblr now. I'll also be updating drunk-shadow more often.

I think that's about it for now, hope you're all doing well and having a good start to your new year.
That's how old I am, as of Dec. 11th. 2015

I was really worried about it, but you know- time and all, can't stop it. It happens eventually. So it happened. And you know what? I don't feel any different because of it. I'm 30 years old. I lived through half the 80s, all of the 90s, and all of the 00s. It's been fun watching everything change. Fun and scary. I've met so many people and kept so many by my side. I've lost a few along the way, but that's life. It happens to everyone at one point or another. I've traveled a decent amount, discovered I'm asexual and mostly anti-social (though I do love to people watch), been with my boyfriend for 9 years now, and worked a few jobs in the animation industry.

But, despite having been on this planet for 30 long years, there's still one thing I've yet to accomplish:

How the FUCK does anyone beat the first Rayman game without cheating? SERIOUSLY this shit is impossible. I've been trying since 1995, someone come do it for me.

:heart: THANK YOU for all the kind birthday wishes, it always means a lot to me and I never expect to get so many- but there they are. You guys are the best. I can only hope to be more active with my art in the coming years. :heart:

And now, a little feature. 'cause I got a few really lovely pieces of art from some really lovely people:

BurfDay Kisses by vixengal01noseShark by EeyorbStudios
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